Bath and Brush!!!

This is suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes!! All dogs benefit from a bath and a brush. Whether to keep the coat clean and fresh, to help keep matts away or to help shorter coated breeds with circulation, this service will tick all boxes! This can be used as a stand alone groom every few months if your dog has a manageable coat, or in-between grooms for those higher maintenance coat types!
Bath and Brush (light matt and dead coat removal) £15.00
For excessive matt and dead coat removal an additional charge will apply;
Small Breed £5.00
Medium Breed £10.00
Large Breed £15.00
This will be discussed at your consultation and health check.

Full Groom

You and your dog will be welcomed into the salon where we can discuss the desired outcomes for your dog's groom.
The dog will be bathed and massaged in a suitable and delightful smelling shampoo, chosen to suit their individual needs.
They will then be dried, cuddled and fussed and thoroughly brushed.
Pads, feet and nails will be trimmed and tidied.
Ears cleaned.
The dog will then be styled according to the pre groom consultation and spritzed with a doggy cologne!
Prices start from;
Small Breed £20.00
Medium Breed £25.00
Large Breed £30.00

Puppy Familiarisation

Grooming can be a stressful time for a dog, the sounds the smells and being handled in ways they aren't used to can bring out fear induced aggression or nervousness. As grooming is an important part of a dog's wellbeing, essential for some breeds, it is important to expose them to these experiences early. The more exposure the dog has had the easier future grooms will be.
A puppy familiarisation session will involve your puppy being gently bathed in a puppy friendly shampoo. They will then be wrapped in a towel and cuddled whilst they have the dryer gently blowing on them. Feet and pads will be handled, and clippers will be presented without making contact.  The whole experience will be positive and calm building your dog's trust and confidence.
I am currently offering discounted rates as I am still training. I will only offer services I feel confident providing and advise that you only book if you feel relaxed and comfortable with this.

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