About me.....

My name is Claire, and Albert, is my mischievous Border Terrier!
Albert is a typical terrier, fun, affectionate, cheeky and a bit naughty. Like all dogs, Albert benefits from a regular groom, which he hates! After visiting a few different salons, and feeling totally apologetic and embarrassed of his behaviour, I started to groom Albert myself! Poor dog, he didn't look to bad, but at least he was happy and clean!
I decided to go a step further and try to improve my grooming skills, by completing a Diploma in Dog Grooming.  I found that I enjoyed it so much, that I then wondered what it would be like to make something I love, my job?!
I am now furthering my studies at Hadlow College to gain a City and Guilds qualification. My wonderful husband has converted my garage into a grooming salon and my amazing friends have let me use there four legged friends as 'guinea pigs'!
Every day I learn something new, from a dog, I get the privilege of spending time with, and there's never a dull moment!

The service I want to provide...

I have decided that all of my grooms will be carried out on  a 1:1 basis, one dog in the salon at a time, unless they come together and like to be with the rest of their pack!
I have set a promise to myself and my customers which you can see on this website, and I intend to keep it.
I will offer a very calm and relaxed experience for all dogs, in a therapeutic environment.
I will give each dog the time it needs to feel comfortable and secure.
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